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Visit – Royal Lyceum Theatre, 30 May 17

Tickets are selling fast for the performance of “Glory on Earth” by Linda McLean at the Royal Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay Street, Edinburgh.  The play is set on Tuesday 19 August 1561 at 9am.  Through the fog a ship arrives in Leith docks.  Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots, steps ashore.  She is 19 and on her young shoulders rests the hopes of the Catholic establishment of Europe.

The Nation that receives her has just outlawed her church and its practices.  Its leader is the radical cleric and protestant reformer, John Knox.  Both believe themselves ordained by God.  Both believe themselves beloved by their people.  Both were exiled and returned home … but only one can make Scotland their own.

Linda McLean is a multi-award winning Scottish playwright whose work is characterised by poetry, mystery and great emotional depth.  Artistic director, David Greig, makes his Lyceum directional debut with this World Premiere.

Tickets have been purchased for the performance on 30 May (commencing at 7.30pm) since that will allow us to attend the post-production ‘behind the scenes’ talk with members of the cast and production team.  Tickets cost £22.  If you would like to attend please contact Jerry Ozaniec by the end of April.

On the same afternoon Jerry Ozaniec has offered to reprise the walk originally conducted last September re-tracing Mary’s formal entry into Edinburgh on her return to Scotland in 1561.  We will meet at the entry to the Castle Esplanade at 2.00pm.  Jerry will lead this and stop at the various places where there were pageants, gifts given, etc as part of the ritual of a returning monarch. If you missed this last year and would like to go please let Jerry know.

A pre-theatre meal will be arranged for 5.30pm.

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