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Marian events coming up in 2019

There’s a number of Marian events and activities coming up that I thought members would be interested in – either to attend or simply to know that Mary is attracting interest in many places and in many formats.


Mary Queen of Scots Banquet – Borthwick Castle – 19th January 2019: web link:

Mary Queen of Scots Open Day – Sheffield Manor Lodge – 27 January 2019: web link

Spring lecture series – various topics about Mary Queen of Scots – February to April 2019 – Tutbury Castle: website link

‘There is something about Mary Queen of Scots’ – Glasgow International Film Festival – 15 March 2019: website link:

‘Mary Stuart: Political Pawn, Manipulative Siren or Shrewd and Charismatic Queen? John Guy  – Keswick Book Festival ‘Words on the Water’ – 16 March 2019: website link

‘Maria Stuarda’ opera – various locations in England – between 1 April and 22 June 2019: website link –

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